Chronicle: Runescape Legends Is Now Live With PC Beta

PC gamers rejoice, the Chronicle: Runescape Legends PC Beta is now open just in time for the weekend! I know what I will be doing this weekend now that I got my Beta entry. The IOS version is still being developed but those PC gamers can now enjoy the Beta to develop your skill before the official launch. I recommend signing up as soon as possible for Runescape Legends so you could snag your username before it is gone.

According to, you “You have a character that goes through quests each turn before clashing with the opponent. The battles take place in a 3D environment, and you get to play a number of cards in a row (cards that buff your character, spawn enemies, etc) without your opponent seeing what you’re playing. Then you both unveil the cards you’ve played, and each character fights, gets buffed, or whatever else the cards allow.”

The Runescape Legends is definitely different, but easing into it with the Beta may help with your quest once the official game comes out and I am sure that it will be a classic!